Melanie and dulcy

Dulcy Dog Photography was born out of a deep love for animals—specifically, a beautiful pup named Dulcy—and of course, a love for photography. 

In 2014 I was living in rural Montana, and trying to figure out a way forward after a break-up and a move from California left me feeling restless and unsettled. It was in that time that I met a dog named Dulcy. She was already old, and at the age of 13 had been taken to the local shelter with her daughter when her family split up. She was a barker, and liked to cage-fight with other dogs. That, plus her age, meant she really didn't have anyone interested in her. But something about her clicked with me, and I was able to take her home right before Christmas. She wasn't easy—she was very protective and was difficult to walk—but she became my heart-dog immediately. She helped me and my now-wife through the adoption of another pup, Marco, and through an eventual move to Madison, WI in 2016. Unfortunately, age and a brain tumor took her a month shy of her 17th birthday, in 2018. She taught me how to be a dog mom, and this business is dedicated to her. 


*About Image of Melanie taken by Samantha at Dutcher Photography (

Dogs are family 

Dulcy Dog Photography was created out of a love of dogs, and also a desire to photograph them WITH their people. That relationship, between a person and their companion, is so special and so deep. And I know that that's true, even for those of us with dogs who need extra space, or time, or accommodations. Just like people, all dogs are different, and I wanted to celebrate that difference and individuality. I'm also all too aware of how much space they take up in your heart, and how devastating it is when they leave us. It's always too soon. Even if we don't get to work together, I really encourage everyone to have photos taken with their dogs. Be in the photos, all they know is that their favorite person is there with them, and that makes them, and me, so very happy. Let's go on an adventure!